Perhaps it's the swine flu epidemic that prompted US citizens to remember that there is another continent that shares the name America. Blog Boing Boing is awash with reports of viral video action from South America. There is a clip of Venezuelan president and serial bad-mouther Hugo Chavez  pointing out to a small and frightened looking supporter that "The rich are not human, they are animals in human form." One Venezuelan Boing Boing reader was so alarmed by the outburst that he has vowed to leave the country at once. Then there's Cuba Tiene Hambre, a video of Pánfilo, an ordinary guy, yelling "What Cuba needs right now is FOOD. Cuba is HUNGRY." Finally there is the saga of lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg, whose posthumously-posted YouTube video blames Guatemalan president, Álvaro Colom, for his assassination on Sunday last week. The video has prompted a nationwide call for Colom to be impeached.