Most cellphone users will admit that they have had  the urge to lob the oftimes offensive instruments at some stage (either at nothing and sometimes at somebody, like the notoriously noxious Naomi Campbell once famously did). Finns make a sport of it – at the annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships  held in Savonlinna, Finland.

Translation and interpretation company Fennolingua provides the phones (old ones with batteries still installed) for the event. Competitors are not allowed to throw their own phones, even if they strongly feel that they would like to, but can choose a phone from those provided that they feel is best suited to their stature and throwing style. Throws are judged on distance (in the Traditional or Original category) and aesthetics and creativity (this year the prize went to a dog called Cara).

While the event is mostly about fun it also aims to promote environmental issues. Flung phones are collected afterwards to be disposed of in the correct manner.