February 1, 1811: The Bell Rock Lighthouse built by Robert Stevenson is lit for the first time. Legend has it that the reef on which it is built is called Bell Rock because the Abbot of Arbroath once installed a bell on it to warn ships of its presence. The bell was, according to a poem by 17th century poet Robert Southey, cut loose by a pirate called Sir Ralph the Rover. The masonry work on which the lighthouse rests was constructed to such a high standard that it has not been replaced or adapted in almost 200 years.
February 2, 1893: The first ever movie close-up is filmed at Thomas Edison's studio in West Orange, New Jersey. The film shows a studio employee, Fred Ott, sneezing.
February 4 , 1915: Dr Joseph Goldberger begins researching the causes for pellagra, which in 1915 killed more than 10 000 people in the United States alone. Goldberger conducted experiments on a dozen volunteer inmates of a Mississippi state prison at Jackson after establishing, by injecting himself and his wife with the blood of victims, that the disease was not contagious. He found that adjusting the diets of sufferers eliminated their symptoms. 
February 4, 2004: Mark Zuckerberg launches "The facebook".