week1-061209December 1, 1913: Henry Ford introduces the continuous moving assembly line at his Detroit, Michigan factory. The line was capable of delivering a car every two minutes and 38 seconds.
December 1, 1990: British and French workers digging the Channel Tunnel between their countries meet in the service tunnel after knocking out a passage large enough to walk through and shake hands, 22.3 km from the UK and 15.6 km from France. The tunnelling began three years earlier, on the same day in 1987.
December 3, 1910: Neon lighting, developed  by French physicist Georges Claude, makes its public debut at the Paris Motor Show.
December 6, 1906: The first aerial photographs of Stonehenge are displayed at the London premises of the Society of Antiquaries. They were taken from a hydrogen balloon by 2nd Lieutenant Philip Sharpe of the Royal Engineers' Balloon Section.