week1-291109November 25, 1920: Gaston, youngest brother of Louis Chevrolet, co-founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, is killed in a collision on the Beverly Hills Speedway near the close of the 250-mile race for the title of "Speed King of the Year." Chevrolet was 28 years-old.
November 28, 1868: Thomas Edison applies for his first patent – an "electrographic vote recorder" which would enable legislators to register a vote either for or against an issue by turning a switch to the right or to the left.
November 29, 1814: The Times of London becomes the first newspaper to be printed by steam power. Its hand presses were replaced by new machines invented by Germans Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Bauer. For the first time it became possible to produce newspapers on a scale that could meet public demand.