week081109November 2, 1988: Cornell University graduate student Robert Tappan Morris unleashes the first web-propagated computer worm. The Morris worm was intended, according to its creator, to measure the extent of the internet, but  it infected machines much faster than he thought possible.When Morris realised what was happening he sent out an anonymous message telling programmers how to kill the worm and prevent re-infection, but because the network was clogged, the message did not get through until it was too late. Morris was tried, fined and given probation. Today he is associate professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
November 4, 1922: The entrance to King Tutankhamen's tomb is discovered in the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt, by a labourer working for English archaeologist Howard Carter.
November 5, 1662: Robert Hooke is appointed Curator of Experiments to the Royal Society, a position which required  him to demonstrate three or four new experiments at every meeting of the society.