October 30, 1925: Londoners witness the first television transmission. Inventor, John Logie Baird built his first television from a tea chest, cardboard scanning discs, an empty biscuit box, old electric motors, darning needles, motorcycle lamp lenses, piano wire, glue, string, and sealing wax.
October 31, 1888: Pneumatic bicycle tyres are patented by Scottish inventor, John Boyd Dunlop.
November 1, 1873: Joseph F. Glidden begins manufacturing barbed wire. Glidden's invention, which provided a solution to the problem of keeping livestock out of crops in the vast plains of the American West, is said to have transformed the landscape by opening it up to large scale farming. It also brought an end to the cowboy era.
November 1, 1848: The first medical school in  the world to cater exclusively to trainee women doctors opens in Boston. The Boston Female Medical School was founded by Samuel Gregory,  who disapproved of male doctors attending childbirth. By 1873, 98 women doctors had graduated from the college, including Rebecca Lee, MD, the first African-American female physician.