October 12, 1976: U.S. swine flu vaccinations are  stopped in nine states after three elderly people in the Pittsburgh area suffered heart attacks and died within hours of getting the shot. 
October 12, 1823: Charles Macintosh of Scotland begins selling raincoats.
week181009October 15, 1885: Jean Baptiste Jupille, a 15-year-old shepherd from Villers-Farley in France kills a rabid dog by stunning it with his wooden clog and then drowning it in a nearby brook. Jupille fended off the dog to protect his fellow shepherds who were all younger than him,  but was badly bitten in the process. At the request of the town's mayor, Jupille became the second person to be treated for rabies by Louis Pasteur. He survived.
October 18, 1870: US soldier and inventor, Benjamin Chew Tilghman, patents the process of sandblasting. Legend has it that Tilghman had observed the effects of wind-blown sand on glass while fighting in the desert.