On Friday night/Saturday morning  (after 12) I thought I'd treat myself to a second meal. My poison of choice, a ready-made meal from one of the leading brand names, if not The brand name, as far as food products go, and in my humble opinion of course.

Popped the lasagne in the microwave and sat down to what I thought would be an enjoyable meal!

Horror of horrors!

The cheese and white sauce topping tasted like rubber! Not that I've ever had the pleasure of chewing on some rubber but I imagine that is what rubber would taste like. It however does not end there. Now... unfortunately for the company in question, I had home-made lasagne two nights before, compliments of a very good cook and friend of mine. Her lasagne is and I suspect always will be, out of this world! The ready-made meal however had mince in a tomato sauce that tasted nothing like mince in tomato sauce!

Mince in tomato sauce I have tasted! That was not mince in tomato sauce!!!!!

 Not too long ago I, before the lasagne/mince in tomato episode, I tasted the brand's guacomole. I love avo!

Can you say ewwwww! 

 So, that's a double whammy for me!

It should however be said that the brand's raw food products are second to none! I will always support the store in that category but never again will I eat or purchase a ready-made meal from the brand in question.

 Have you had similar experiences from this store?