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"What does it mean to be a good person?"

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"What does it mean to be?"










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"What does it mean?"

"What does 'it' mean?"









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"What does it?"

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According an entry on lettersofnote.com, a blog that collects correspondence from famous people, in the 1970's, artist G. C. Haymes sent an estimated 500 letters to high profile people for a project called  Skymail. The letters asked recipients to "describe the sky' on a return postcard enclosed in the envelope.

On 29 July, 1976, Isaac Asimov answered:

An inverted blue (sometimes black) semisphere, in which, when blue, a yellow circle is pasted, and to which, when black, some thousand of tiny sparks are affixed. There is also a dim yellow circle more noticeable against the black, but sometimes seen against the blue which changes shape and is sometimes round, sometimes crescent, and sometimes in between. Often the semisphere is obscured by moving white or gray clouds.

Jerzy Kosinski replied:


Dear Idiot:

don't you have anything better to do? sky is, in fact, a limit for pretentious idiots like you.